Saturday, 3 February 2018

16 Funniest Websites to experience the Humor-side of Text and Images

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Looking for some Funny Things on net? If you are Tired, then we don't want to waste your time. So Just have a look at the Below List of Funniest Websites on the World Wide Web(WWW). Most of the sites will quickly get your attention for its Humorous and Hilarious Content driven by several People
Funniest Websites on Web | Funniest Websites online | Funniest Websites
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Sunday, 28 January 2018

9 Weirdest things on the internet which are open for Sale

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Some times people might have felt bored and wants to experience different Things like Weirdest things on the internet, or other strange stuff over store. If you are one among them, then go through the List of Weird Stuff gathered from the World Wide Web. All the Products listed here are bit to Too much Strange to the people and Surprising thing is that you can buy them to get it in your hands.So no more words , lets check the Full and Final List of Stuff
Weirdest things on the internet | Weird Things online | Weird Stuff | Strange Products
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Saturday, 27 January 2018

11 Weird sea creatures you definitely have never see before

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Deep Sea is dangerous as it is Scary to experience because of its lowest levels of Light and Oxygen present in it. There are many millions of Creatures in the Deep inside the sea, here we have made a list of top 11 smallest animals living in the darkest places on the planet. This animals has a different shape with strangest ever body that an overall makes it bit scary to look
Weird sea creatures | Weird List | Weird Creatures
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Friday, 26 January 2018

Top 10 Absolutely funniest video on the internet (Laugh till End)

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Funniest Video on the Internet: Funny Videos are all around the Web, some of them are Funny to make you laugh for sometime and few of them may be weird. Laughing to the fullest is the great feeling and to happen videos are one among the best we could try out. Funny Video Creators do their highest Possible efforts to tickle the audiences to laugh out Loud till the end of clip. Sometimes it goes Creepy and Fails at most. So ,we got a List of Top 10 Funniest Video on the Internet world to take you to Next level of Funny Clips.
Funniest Video on the internet | Funny Videos
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Thursday, 21 December 2017

27 Weird Sites to Visit in your Spare time to have Fun

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Weird Sites to Visit : Are you getting Bored of your routine Game, Sport or TV Show ? If Yes, This Place is Definitely for You. we have built this blog to collect all the unusual and Strange things to surprise every Visitor which are never been experienced. So here in this Article we have Mentioned the Top 27 Weird Sites in the Web World that exist for no particular reason to showcase. Before we go into the Content, we have to say that,  it is the Longest List of Strange and Weird Sites where you may feel excited sometimes even shocked to visit at your first glance
Weird Sites | Strange Websites | Weird Websites

27 Weird Sites to Visit in your Spare Time :

1) Silly Twitter Bios:

Get the Funny, and Silly Twitter Bios on your Screen

2) Falling Guy:

Scroll Up or Down to save the Boy from falling but it never happens

Most Dumbest site that look alike Wikipedia( The Original Encyclopedia site ) with a Special note to inform the Visitor to Shift to the Original Wiki site
Move the cursor on the Screen to lift the Finger to like to be Shown for person
You are Caught !!
Watch it, The Grass is Growing in front of a house with a background Music playing on your Headset
First of all, you will be confused to know about it. Well Actually, it is a Queue Process to be followed to take your Turn for presenting Text & Link on its display for Certain time.

8) Paper Toilet:

Site provides a Roll of Toilet Paper at the centre to play with on your Virtual World


Touch the Letter RGB with Cursor to hear it 

10) Try PaP:

Don't be Frustrated , it says only the aggressive words to test your Patience for what ever you write
Waste your 2 minutes of time by watching the Timer to Zero
The Name of this Website itself refers to the worse kind of site that shows Freaking Web Design

13) White Trash:

Make him look good 

Touch Hustlin to hear ( Every day I'm Hustling )

15) Rainy Mood:

Relax and Calm down !
Someone Pick up the Phone its too dark
Listen Music and Watch the Young Guy !
Click on Dog to Get the Points
Love Salmon? Here is a Bunch !
Surprising Colors for every Kis !

21) LeekSpin:

Paraba..rab ribibiri...!  which can not be explained 

22) Into Time:

Click to observe the Secret Windows


Three Cartoon Guys makes Noise for you
Check the bear that's shitting Prime Numbers
Try not to Tweet on this Site
Tap a Letter in the sentence to Disappear
Find the Secret in the Dark Phase

Thats the end of the List. Do Comment Below your experience with this 27 Weird Sites !
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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

19 Weird Websites to Check out if You free Enough to Waste your time

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Weird Websites on Internet: Internet has Thousands of Millions of Sites updated on Daily Basis, Most of them are intended to Help others, But you will be Shocked to See some Websites that are developed for No Reason and these websites are still running from Many years.
Want to Know the Strange and Bizarre Sites on Internet ? Then Brace yourself you was Feel Weird !
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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Most Funny and Worse Domain Names prefered Unintentionally

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Website names are the first thing to be noticed while surfing on the internet. Digital Marketers suggest best guides on Selecting a Brandable, Simple and catchy domain names for the reader to revisit again without any second thought of remembering your domain name. They are also millions of site names to be considered for easy marketing of a product. Sometimes, we need expensive domain names for our company and product to get more sales even.
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