Sunday, 26 February 2017

Press weird websites button to waste your time now - Strange stuff

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Getting bored of a routine job. You may be searching for different sites to get the strange things. Don't worry; here we have listed Weird Websites button which will help you to navigate directly to most mysterious on the internet. Some people would like to try scary things, but, few of them never dared to do those things. Usually, when we go crazy over a game, we feel relaxed, and sometimes it seems like an addiction. Different places are available in the Net world to waste time.

Press Weird Websites Button to Waste Time:

Weird Wearable Collections:

Want to wear something weird and Stay craziness, then definitely need to try this stuff. Get the exact level of madness over the style with the weird wearable button. Check the below list

Noooooooooooooooo :

The coloured button appears below a paragraph, and you will hear a voice saying " Nooooooooooo !". Press it any no. of times to listen the sound.

Don't Click it:

A unique site, which challenges you to use the website without a mouse click. It also shows the movement of your cursor. Try your best to resist your clicking Motion!!

My Instants:

My Instants is the excellent site with several buttons with a unique sound for each of them. Try this; you would love it. Lot of sounds, dialogues and most of them are Funny too
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Do Not Press:

" Do not Press " the game, and suggestions from robot inform you to stop reacting, that is Stop passing indicating " Do Not Press the button."

World Dumbest Game:

Bored ? Try this button. It provides you with a variety of tasks to make you feel strange and feels relaxed.  Beware, only for time wasters are allowed here, because website itself says, " Dumbest Game."

The Magic Button:

Button title " Make Everything Ok " appears in the middle of the page. Once you press it, it gives you a sign of Loading, then gives you suggestions and Repeat the process !!

Push Here:

"In the case of Emergency " Button appears on the screen. You hear a male voice who is making different sounds. Just press the button more than four times. You will hear it in multiple voices !!

Will you Press the Button ?:

It is mainly a survey on unusual things, just use the button or press " I will not ". Then you will know how many are agreed to that statement and people who said no!!


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