Sunday, 26 February 2017

12 Weird Websites on Internet you never visited before

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The Internet, The Virtual World is full of billions of interesting and funny sites along with most weird websites and Useless. The Internet contains all websites from Knowledgeable to Useless web info, Trillions of information updates every day around the world. According to a survey report on 2007, they declared that 600+ million sites are available for people who are looking for weird and some of them Incredible to experience.
Note: This information is only for individuals who are tired of working and wants to get relaxed  & refreshing  !! Be aware you may be addicted !!

The final list of Weird Websites and Funny &Interesting Stuff of all Time:

Do not Go On

Confused on site name ? ya, it is confusing, based on psychology, it is sometimes more curious to click on links like " Don't Enter ". Visit the site and get the Reason behind the idea

The Nicest Place on the InterNet:

Let me know, how you feel after visiting this site. Only two options for you: Surprised, amazed.
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Find an Unknown Friend at Cleverbot. Talk to him, the unlimited chat box. Get Replied for every text.

Feed The Head

Just a site on, an Animated head and we need to feed it with stuff. It is mainly a game, and you can win easily!
Check The Feed the Head Guide:

It is one of the weird sites. A Man will welcome you, welcomes you once, twice, and thrice, .. till you close the site.

You can check the site; It loads a man and when you move the cursor. He Slapped with Fish. It is Reversible, has exactly same Picture every time. !!

The site of Illusion, Open the website. There is an illusion effect after complete loading of this site. Continuous zoom effect of this site is the Weird stuff in it because it is loads forever.
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Blue Ball Machine

Never visited a site like this, I felt nothing but weird. There is a continuous movement of Blue coloured balls at all places. Not Yet found the purpose of this site


The 100% Free dating and social Networking Site for Zombie. People can create the account and connect with other Zombie Passion Members!
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The Live Flight tracking site. Tracing the local of your device, it will show you the planes flying in your area. You can also check the other continents plane routes. And experience the View!

Founder of this site wants to convince you that,  he is similar to Barack Obama, the First American Black president. He compares this face with Obama and explains you the similarities to make the impact. This the weirdest websites on the internet! :

Most funny Gif Images around different topics. Capturing the Moment is the best way to save to calendar, Check out the last List of Gif at giphy site


Just one more website for unknown reason find the videos those socks !!


The dollar project along with the bills tracking system, no? what is this?

Convert the Animated GIF into a Flipbook. Type the Url of the Gif and 'Submit'.


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